Carlos Llano Ultraman Canada 2011
There are people who do it like salmons do: swimming upstream. We need a lot like those. That’s the type of people that is rebellious towards non justice, backs what can be improved and they do it in the first person, by acting, using their capacities to make world a […]

210km running, 900km on bycicle and 19km swimming, to help

This morning we had a chat with more than 300 students from the San José de Calasanz de Algemesí College (Escolapios), from 6 to 14 years old. We have presented the last journey we made in Burkina Faso to collaborate with WendBeNeDo. As always, the questions they ask you are surprising and it […]

Chat on the Piarist College of Algemesí (Valencia)

A friend and partner of ZakaTiki will perform a sports challenge to collect funds for the association to carry out one of the projects in Burkina Faso. It’s about running a marathon and a half (63km) climbing up Peñagolosa in Castellón, with height difference of 2800m. Here is the link […]

Solidarity challenge: marathon and a half

From January 9 to 19, 2012 we were in Burkina Faso to make an annual visit of the project WendBeNeDo. There were four people from Spain: Aurelio, international coordinator of the project, Nicole, coordinator of Hogar Torre Nazaret, May, psychologist from Hogar Torre Nazaret and Jose Alberto, volunteer of Hogar […]

Visit to Wend Be Ne Do, January 2012

Exchange of drawings between kids from Alzira kindergarten and the one from Kongoussi (Burkina Faso). Communication, colors, feelings, sensitivity… through the paintings of these Young artists from both countries.

British School Alzira 2011 – Working together