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[Update 30/04/2016] We are grateful to everyone that have collaborated with us, either by coming to see the representation or by acquiring tickets for the row 0. We’ve fundraised 665€ that are dedicated to Burkina Faso and Ecuador projects. We are already thinking about other activities in the following period […]

“Three Perfect Brides” theater for benefit of ZaKaTiKi

n the Yes to solidarity campaign, kids from the 5th grade of the elementary school Sagrada Familia de Alzira have chosen to develop a Project “The Meeting” in Puyo, Equatorian Amazonia. With their effort they set up a Little solidarity market and with this they will help 4 children from […]

Sagrada Familia College of Alzira. Yes to solidarity.

The collaboration with CEIP ALBORXÍ of Alzira with ZAKATIKI started during the course of 2012-13 through the proposal of AMPA and one of its memebers, giving support to both of his sons who were studying there. The first activity was a chat about the Project WEND BE NEDO in Burkina […]


Delivering the recognition for solidarity and collaboration with professors and alumnis on the project Wend Be Ne Do of Burkina Faso to the director of Batallar College. Once again, the smallest ones give examples of compromise and empathy. Thank you.

Batallar 2013

The Marist College of Algemesí collaborates with ZaKaTiKi by supporting the project Wend Be Ne Do. During two days we were presenting our association to the students of Maristas de Algemesí, showing them what we perform by transmitting the idea of solidarity and cooperation with videos and music. One “Diploma-batik” […]

Marist College of Algemesí

All children from the school Batallar de L’Alcúdia (Valencia) have seen the wonderful play “The Marvelous Ducks” and have learnt something about the history and reality of Burkina Faso. We had a great time chatting with them, dancing, watching videos and making solidarity sheets.

Chats in the school Batallar de L’Alcúdia

Our colleague and friend Pere Joan made the ZakaTiki Challenge 2.0 on May 11, 2013, making a marathon and a half, long 63km up to Peñagolosa. This is how he describes it: Between “to want” and “to get” there is a word called “EFFORT”. Our challenge will be to finish […]

Zakatiki Challenge 2.0

The theater group “Kepum Kepam” from L’Alcúdia represented on April 20, 2013 their play called “Magical Thunders” in the cultural center of the city. All the entrances were joined with the WendBeNeDo project. The history is based in the video “The Marvelous Ducks” from ZaKaTiKi, performing a free adaptation where […]

Theater play “Magical Thunders”

This morning we had a chat with more than 300 students from the San José de Calasanz de Algemesí College (Escolapios), from 6 to 14 years old. We have presented the last journey we made in Burkina Faso to collaborate with WendBeNeDo. As always, the questions they ask you are surprising and it […]

Chat on the Piarist College of Algemesí (Valencia)

A friend and partner of ZakaTiki will perform a sports challenge to collect funds for the association to carry out one of the projects in Burkina Faso. It’s about running a marathon and a half (63km) climbing up Peñagolosa in Castellón, with height difference of 2800m. Here is the link […]

Solidarity challenge: marathon and a half