Visit to Wend Be Ne Do, January 2012

From January 9 to 19, 2012 we were in Burkina Faso to make an annual visit of the project WendBeNeDo. There were four people from Spain: Aurelio, international coordinator of the project, Nicole, coordinator of Hogar Torre Nazaret, May, psychologist from Hogar Torre Nazaret and Jose Alberto, volunteer of Hogar Torre Nazaret and ZakaTiki.

The work that is being carried out in Wend Be Ne Do can only be classified as a miracle. We spent 10 days visiting the ill ones that are being assisted in different villages. Also, in the headquarters of the Project we were given an occasion to speak with them and that they tell us about their experience. We could see the work that is being done with children, making their education easier and supporting it financially and at the same time taking care that no one is excluded.

Even so, looking at the work that is being done, there is always a chance to improve, to increase the level of activities and actions to perform. From ZakaTiki we are working to help the consecution of common objectives, always with the premise that our interventions bring value to the roots (our surroundings) as to our destination (Wend Be Ne Do).

Note: you can see photos of our trip by clicking on the following link, January 2012 photos