Theater play “Magical Thunders”

The theater group “Kepum Kepam” from L’Alcúdia represented on April 20, 2013 their play called “Magical Thunders” in the cultural center of the city. All the entrances were joined with the WendBeNeDo project.

The history is based in the video “The Marvelous Ducks” from ZaKaTiKi, performing a free adaptation where some variations are introduced. The goal is teaching people to understand the differences in living between Europe and Africa.




The play was closed with the following text that we find marvelous:

We want that our message reaches you directly and that among all we become speakers. We want to keep searching in our soul to take the hope and thatg we all make this world a better place.


Like BaoBab, the tree from the image that keeps the water in order to give life every year, no matter how big the draught is, uses advantage of the water that keeps inside to make new leaves to grow. In that way, they are able to survive thousands of years.

When there is summer on the northern hemisphere, the southern one is going through the winter. Many things happen because of it. The birds come to spend their summer in Europe and fly back to Africa in winter. Sometimes we forget that the world is round and that when here is the day, there is the night.

We have trouble realizing that the world is big and that simply, for the random choice we were born here on the north, where due to circumstances there are more chances of having a better quality of life.

The world is constantly changing, people are moving, the circumstances are changing and if we want, among all of us, we can change things to make them better, it is in our hands, first by being conscious about what we want, working in the team, contributing, each of us with what he likes to do and by doing it this way we will pass it good.

A lot of us are aware of it but we can organize the children, we like to see that we have capacity to make things for us, to contribute with our effort and illusion in building granit out of sand.

Even though, from times to times, we let ourselves be influenced by the publicity and the system and end up wanting the last model of MONSUNO or the Monster High or something that is trendy now, we love the fact that we can enjoy being with our family, our parents, uncles and aunts, grandparents, cousins and above all – with our friends and do things that we love doing.

We also believe that we can be an example for some adults to remind them that they are like BaoBab, having a lot of water inside but with their big and small problems they keep on forgetting about more important things.

We are sending a message – this world is changing. We ask the children and the youth that we work side by side and offer you a new and hopeful perspective of all things.

Be children again!!! Search inside and find the illusion to fight and to face difficulties and to revive with joy in the same way as BaoBab is doing it.