“Three Perfect Brides” theater for benefit of ZaKaTiKi

[Update 30/04/2016] We are grateful to everyone that have collaborated with us, either by coming to see the representation or by acquiring tickets for the row 0. We’ve fundraised 665€ that are dedicated to Burkina Faso and Ecuador projects.

We are already thinking about other activities in the following period and as soon as we define another project we will inform you.

April 28, starting at 7pm will be the presentation of the play “Three Perfect Brides” from the company GRITA TEATRO with the original lead from Alejandro Casona.


The event will take place at the Faculty of Fine Arts in the UPV (view map)

Donations of 5€ per person will be collected upon arriving. The funds collected will be dedicated for collaborations on projects where ZaKaTiKi participates, more precisely in:

  • Scholarships for adolescents in El Puyo, Amazonía Ecuatoriana. Scholarships dedicated for studying and helping them choosing university they want.
  • Bicycles for orphans. Bam, Burkina Faso. Orphans that need to go on foot every day to school.

Row 0

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November 3. Three friends celebrate their marriage anniversaries. They got married the same day, at the same place eighteen years ago. Ever since, year after year, they have celebrated the anniversary in the honor of the perfection of their marriages. But, do they really have motives to do it?

Alejandro Casona connects his main characters to the precipice of one truth that destroys the hypocrisy that conforms its relaxed and priviliged life. They suggest emotions and sentiments that oblige them to take difficult decisions. Some emotions, some sentiments and some always actual decisions.

ROLES (by alphabetical order):

  • Ada: Lourdes Ferre Ballester.
  • Clara: Ángela Rodríguez Vallés/Raquel Gisbert García.
  • Doncella: Laura Marcelo Llácer.
  • Francisca: Yolanda García Poveda.
  • Genoveva: Rosa Gascueña Blanco/Amelia del Rey Pérez
  • Gustavo Ferrán: Rafael Aliaga Mercé.
  • Javier: Valentín Vélez Pacios.
  • Jorge: Javier Gisbert Doménech.
  • Leopoldina: Carmen Eugenia Martí Sánchez.
  • Máximo: Ángel Rodríguez Pérez.
  • Guidance: Aticha Nodal López/Jorge Mata Falcón
  • Haircuts: Amelia del Rey Pérez/Beni del Rey Pérez