Scholarships 2016

We’ve got news from El Puyo that they have received the donation that we’ve all collected for the scholarships.

Below you can check the letter they have sent to us:

Child Therapeutic Center

From Puyo, July 8, 2016

To all the people that have collaborated on the ENCOUNTER PROJECT. Especially to ISMAEL, ANNA, ALBA, PAU, RUBÉN and everyone who has cooperated with ZAKATIKI.

Our “Encounter Project” keeps on going, as the time goes on, one place where all of usthat directly work on it, we perceive that it is growing, getting bigger and that we are working better on covering basic needs of these kids. The secret is that there are many persons that you make present with your presentation in many ways even though they may be phisically far away.

We can make our mission with these kids, adolescents and youth that means a whole world to them thanks to the help of all of you. You know very well that our resources are very scarce and that the kids are lacking everything. The support from the government is insignificant.

Because of that we want to make you present to express our deep gratefulness. All kinds of help are welcome, it’s appreciated and welcome with immense care and gratitude. We are aware of the crisis that is present in the world nowadays and because of that we appreciate and thank, deep from our souls, your contribution to the Project.

THANK YOU! and know that here in Puyo we feel you being close and you are present in our mission of giving a more human note to the life of these kids and youth. You are being a live part of the Puyo “Encounter Project”.

In the name of all of us that live here and perform our vocation of evangelizing by educating, I ask to the God to bless you. His love has no price.

One big hug for everyone,

Ms Rosario Idareta

PDF (in spanish): desde Puyo – Julio 2016

By clicking on the link below you can download the certificate of the share that we have done:

PDF (in spanish): RECIBO DE HACIENDA – PUYO Julio 2016

Thanks to everyone that participated in any form. In a while we will have more information.