The collaboration with CEIP ALBORXÍ of Alzira with ZAKATIKI started during the course of 2012-13 through the proposal of AMPA and one of its memebers, giving support to both of his sons who were studying there. The first activity was a chat about the Project WEND BE NEDO in Burkina Faso, implemented by one of the members of Zakatiki that has traveled to the country, supporting it through the videos there and also with the story “The marvelous ducks”.

The school community celebrated one solidarity snack during the Culture Week in April 2013, selling alimentary products made by families. Before the end of the course the alumnis wedged some solidarity sheets designed by them for which a symbolic donation was asked. But the important thing was that the kids wear them during the manifestation to show the solidarity with the Project. In total, more than 160 alumnis participated.

During the course of 2013-14 another Solidarity Snack took place in May, during the cultural week. Besides of alimentary products, “batik-postcards” that are an original product of Burkina Faso were sold; the local communication media and the department of education were witnesses of the activity. During the course children from the kindergarten were involved in the elaboration of color drawings for the African people. One of our collaborators traveled there and exposed them in one hall, to the happiness of all kids there. During June 2014, while the course was closing, one of the “Diploma-batik” as a wish of gratefulness to cooperation with Zakatiki was shown.

During 2014-15 no chat or activity could be performed due to calendary issues and it needs to be transformed to the present 2015-16 program. It will be followed with broader information, solidarity and financing as much as it could be regarding bycicles for Burkina Faso that easen the daily life of its citizens.