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The collaboration with CEIP ALBORXÍ of Alzira with ZAKATIKI started during the course of 2012-13 through the proposal of AMPA and one of its memebers, giving support to both of his sons who were studying there. The first activity was a chat about the Project WEND BE NEDO in Burkina […]


Delivering the recognition for solidarity and collaboration with professors and alumnis on the project Wend Be Ne Do of Burkina Faso to the director of Batallar College. Once again, the smallest ones give examples of compromise and empathy. Thank you.

Batallar 2013

Bouba stole our heart after she appeared on the children show in January 2012 in her every day clothes. The children on these days wear their Sunday clothes and play, dance, receive their gifts, eat together and get candy and refreshments… It’s one of the most important days of the […]