Yearly Archives: 2013

All children from the school Batallar de L’Alcúdia (Valencia) have seen the wonderful play “The Marvelous Ducks” and have learnt something about the history and reality of Burkina Faso. We had a great time chatting with them, dancing, watching videos and making solidarity sheets.

Chats in the school Batallar de L’Alcúdia

Our colleague and friend Pere Joan made the ZakaTiki Challenge 2.0 on May 11, 2013, making a marathon and a half, long 63km up to Peñagolosa. This is how he describes it: Between “to want” and “to get” there is a word called “EFFORT”. Our challenge will be to finish […]

Zakatiki Challenge 2.0

The theater group “Kepum Kepam” from L’Alcúdia represented on April 20, 2013 their play called “Magical Thunders” in the cultural center of the city. All the entrances were joined with the WendBeNeDo project. The history is based in the video “The Marvelous Ducks” from ZaKaTiKi, performing a free adaptation where […]

Theater play “Magical Thunders”